CONVERTED: a Cult Converter review

The Cult Converter is the Cult Classic's alter ego.  The shape is the same and the duro is harder, but the urethane compound is different.  Or is it?  They might have spilt some extra butter into the mix, or maybe some gliding concentrate.  Or not.  With the Cult, we will never know.

The Converters were the first Cult sliding wheels that I tried.  I used them on a steep, slippery road, and almost died.  I recall attempting a pre-drift, ending me in the gutter on the other side of the road.  They were respectfully set aside for a more predictable alternative, the Classic.

Classics cored and went, Death Rays cored and went, then I was ready to tame the Ogre.  I hit a perennial favourite with them - a smooth, long sliding hill with a mellow gradient.  After two sessions...the pony was Intrigued.

When I learnt to control them, I discovered the dance that the devil was leading.  Big, weighted slides, losing min speed in the slide.  On this topic, Pope Paul can boost these into infinity.

These wheels are super duper slippery, and icy in a fun way.  They wear down beautifully, with psychic slip-traction mid slide.  You can see the thane that you slide off, and feel the serene smoothness of the wheel's surface.  Slippery, surreal and silent.

They age like good wine, becoming more predictable as they wear down.  Soft to the squeeze, buttery and round.  If you rotate them regularly, there's only fun times ahead. 

In conclusion, the Converter is a wheel for the absolute novice, or someone willing to undergo a good old brain mash-up.  After sliding these toys...I am converted.

[DIsclaimer: This review is not objective. It is subjective to the point of objective surrealism. Had this been a real review, it would have been objective.]

Now escape the Panopticon, join the Cult, and Free Your Mind.



  1. Let me then write you an objective review. I got no ties to cult except being a follower. Which in hindsight does not make me that objective, does it?

  2. with the cult, we will never know. hehe