Video: Me again

Raoul is starting to get to grips with editing.

Practice makes perfect they say...well here's his practice shot.


Join me as I go skate a local favourite with the groms and a weekend bombing ritual with my Lady.

Special thanks: GMR Skateboards
                          Ronin Trucks
                          Fat Ant Bushings

Edit: Raoul van den Berg
Film: Anel van der Walt
Song: You again - James Figurine


Don't blow the spot!!

We're seeing it happen all over. It's even happening in South Africa!
Landyachtz rider Billy Bones shares a bit of his wisdom on how to skate a spot to skate it another day.

Follow the link to Skate House Media

It is a must read for any skater that wants to see his scene flourish.

...and wear your helmet! haha


PFR goes to Gunslinger Pitch & Slide jam

So the Durban crew was nice enough to get us to one of their events.
We had a blast and the hospitality was amazing.
I only hope they can make it down to the Western Cape soon so we can return the favor.

Durban Longboarders have a very unique style and culture that should be experienced by all.

photo by Ruth Suter

Thank you to everyone who made it happen. Keith Hockly from Gunslinger, Gavin Johnson who made sure Matt made it and especially Paul Munro and his family for putting us up in their lanie B&B, Chelsea Villa.
If you're ever in Durban and need a place to stay hit them up...breakfast of champions and comfortable beds.

Now one of our new Durban friends did a little event recap on www.thependy.com, it's a good read so enjoy!

Durban will be seeing a lot more of us, I hope they are ready.

That stoke face feeling

Video of our trip should follow soon...


Donkin Downhill Dash Event Recap

PFR report by Matt Arderne

Port Elizabeth's skate scene has been growing quietly but steadily over the past two years, and the Donkin Downhill Dash has been the first race event in the city.

The day was well organised with loads of local publicity, especially the amount of press in The Herald (Eastern Cape newspaper) and good promotion on-line.


Matt shows you how to make some Rain Wheels!

Matt created a quick video guide with instructions for hacking together some rain wheels.

Aussie pros and Swedish rippers alike reckon that a rough ragged wheel with some lines in it will do the trick. Patrick Switzer usually rides some neatly lathed wheels, but we reckon this PFR method is good enough.